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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pa. Supreme Court watch: Act 13 may still only have six justices voting

We previously did a review of candidates forwarded by Democratic senators for Governor Tom Corbett to consider for appointment to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Corbett appointed Correale Stevens, one of the five nominees forwarded to him by Daylin Leach, Democratic Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and then the President Judge of the Superior Court.

It was thought by some that the Supreme Court was waiting for the seat of convicted Justice Joan Orie Melvin to be filled, before it made a decision on the constitutionality of Act 13.

But last week I was talking to a reporter from Platts, an energy sector news service, and she informed that the Supreme Court told her that Justice Stevens would not participate in any decision in which he had not heard oral argument.

This means that the Supreme Court will either make its decision on Act 13 based on the votes of six justices, or the Court will need to order re-argument if Justice Stevens is to take part in the decision.

1 comment:

  1. sounds like we're getting closer to see how constitutional Act 13 really is?